Network Failover 101

Connect Your WiFi, 3G/4G, and wired Internet connections to eliminate Internet downtime

Life without Network Failover

Failover can alleviate Internet downtime in your life by using multiple internet connections at once to avoid interruptions. We’ve all experienced it: you’re trying to get an important project to the finish-line, or you’ve just gotten to the final stage of your online video game experience, and poof… the Internet connection flakes out leaving you completely stuck. You’ve also probably spent hours on the phone with your Internet Service Provider who give you an hours-long song-and-dance about restarting your cable modem and checking your network settings before invariably scheduling to send out a repair tech… days later. It’s a frustrating experience that can be fully avoided with a simple failover protection setup. With failover, if your ethernet goes down, BAM! your WiFi automatically takes over so you can keep watching, working, listening and laughing.

Speedify Failover Diagram - Use multiple Internet connections at the same time

How Do I Use Multiple Internet Connections to Create Failover?

Failover protection isn’t really a new idea. Big businesses whose around-the-clock connectivity affects their bottom-line have been using this technology for years. But here’s the catch: up until now, just about every network failover solution has been imagined with networking geeks and IT professionals in mind. Channel bonding routers and hardware racks that offer businesses failover protection aren’t only difficult to setup and maintain, they can also cost thousands of dollars to begin with. But, with more and more of us needing to stay online whether at work or at home, there’s a new solution that takes all of the power of enterprise routers with failover protection, and gives them to the average user in an easy-to-use software-only package. With Speedify, you can merge multiple internet connections to ensure seamless connectivity at the click-of-a-button.

Failover – Faster Internet Speed, Faster Downloads, Faster Streaming…Oh My!

Not only does a network failover solution like Speedify give you around-the-clock reliability, but you’ll also enjoy faster Internet speeds with Speedify leveraging the combined speed of all your available Internet connections. Connect any number of WiFi, 3G/4g, and wired Internet connections to your laptop and Speedify does the rest, intelligently spreading your Internet traffic across all available connections to give you blazing fast speeds up to 50 Mbps. With Speedify’s channel bonding technology, you’ll enjoy faster uploads, HD video streaming, and general web browsing, too. Reliability and speed at your fingertips. What more could you want out of your Internet connections?